The AND-game of Control: Roles and Responsibilities with Finance Automation and Robotics

September 17, 2020

Traditional people-based processes like Accounting are familiar with the quote that One can have quality or speed, but not both.

Automation is proving the opposite to be true; you actually can have both. 

The AND game of Control is all about the Intelligent Finance Transformation, meaning more efficiency and at the same time better quality and control. As the Process and its Roles and Responsibilities are becoming more transparent with implementing Automation, the opportunities arise for cost savings, but also longer-term value increase by learning from exceptions and errors. The business and CFO win, and so do the controller and accountant. The AND game of Control takes a look at automation from the perspective of 

  • 1. Enabling operational Savings 
  • 2. Enabling Quality and 
  • 3. Enabling value for longer-term by learnings. 



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